Framing & Artwork Care

Our solid Italian wood frames will beautifully compliment and protect your artwork. We offer a choice of two frame styles in black and white all carefully selected by the artist and hand-made in the UK to bespoke specifications using archival materials including acid free mats. Each frame is strung and ready to hang.

Within acceptable limits, there may occur blemishes in our frames, such as small knots, this is a natural occurrence in many frame mouldings and not considered defective in any way, this all adds to the character and individuality of the product.

All framed artwork uses PlexiGlas, this is more expensive than glass but we use it because it is clearer, impact resistant and has a stronger protection against UV rays. Please be sure to remove any jewellery when cleaning the surface to avoid scratching the PlexiGlas. 

Due to the delicate nature of archival framing we do not deliver framed artwork outside of the UK as the long transit times and potential changes in temperature can interfere with the pastes and tapes used.

Portfolio artwork is presented in a Chien Couture branded archival folio, hand-made in the UK by artisan bookbinders. Your artwork will be safe in its folio until you decide to frame it, please take care to store the folio in a low light and non-humid environment, we cannot be held liable for conditions of storage in your home, please refer to our terms and conditions for further information.

'Grande' size limited edition prints are dispatched in our fine art printers specified 6" diameter, extra strong postal tubes. This extra large diameter reduces curl to the paper but we do strongly recommend that you frame your artwork as soon as possible and do not leave it stored in the tube for long periods.  

When handling your artwork please be careful, we recommend using clean cotton gloves available in any art shop or online. It is very important not to touch the print directly as oils from your hands can damage the artwork in the longer term.

It is important that you take equal care of your certificate of authenticity, which accompanies your limited edition print. This is a unique document hand signed by the artist and validates the reproduction as authentic. Together with the receipt of purchase, the certificate acts as a warranty for the buyer should you decide to sell your artwork in the future.

For insurance purposes certificates of authenticity are posted separately to the artwork. We also recommend that you also store them independently from the artwork.


Dog Art Prints and Originals – Certificate Of Authenticity – Designed by Selina Cassidy

Photograph by John Melville