How are the prints made?

The original artwork is captured using a studio based large format digital scan-back camera system. Archival pigment inks, with a lightfastness of 75 years or more are used on museum quality paper, which conforms to Fine Art Trade Guild standards.

We work with an extremely talented team who have years of experience in achieving second to none fine art reproduction. Their attention to detail and capacity to work with the artist is inspiring and the results are incredible.


 What is a limited edition?

A limited edition is a set number of identical prints. The artist directly oversees production and sets the edition size. Unfortunately, when an edition is sold out, it is no longer available.  A limited edition print has more value than an open edition or open run print because the availability and scarcity of each work is strictly controlled. We keep our edition numbers extremely low increasing collectability and investment value, It is something that we and our artists value.


Where are your frames made?

Our frames are hand-made in the south of England by a talented framing studio who really listen to the artist. They spend as long as is required to find the perfect framing options for each artwork or collection and are passionate about their workmanship. Every frame is unique and meets conservation standards, meaning that the materials that they use keep your investment preserved whilst it is on display.


Can I choose a different frame and glass?

You may already have a frame in mind or an interior theme to follow. By purchasing the artwork unframed you are able to take the piece/s to your local framer and choose something that works for you. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer alternative glazing options due to the risk of damage to the artwork in transit. If you require a specific glazing, we recommend purchasing the artwork unframed or changing the Plexiglas at your local framers.


How will my artwork be packaged?

Artwork protection and packaging is an art in itself and we pride ourselves on the time we spend making sure that your artwork leaves the studio ready for its journey, arriving safely with you and ready to hang or frame. Framed, mounted and portfolio artwork will arrive packed securely in double walled card boxing that surrounds layers of corrugated card and bubblewrap protection. Frame corners and edges are fitted with specially made blue foam protection. Please take your time to carefully remove the packaging and be careful when using sharp objects not to damage your artwork.

'Grande' size limited edition prints are dispatched in our fine art printers specified 6" diameter, extra strong postal tubes. This extra large diameter reduces curl to the paper but we do strongly recommend that you frame your artwork as soon as possible and do not leave it stored in the tube for long periods.  Please be careful not to touch the print directly as oils from your skin can damage the paper and your investment. Your framer will have cotton gloves to handle the print correctly. 


How should I hang my artwork?

We strongly recommend that you visit your local hardware store and discuss your specific requirements, describing the type of wall, weight and size of the artwork. Our very experienced team, including an award winning gallerist, know that there isn’t a single solution that fits all, but in most cases it is very straightforward and nothing to get nervous about. Try to get some assistance to measure and mark a space, being able to stand back and get a good impression before committing. We would recommend that you avoid direct sunlight and rooms with a humid atmosphere.


Can the artist do a dedication to go with my artwork?

This is something that can be arranged and a great idea if intended for a special gift. Please contact us for further information.


I want to buy a piece for a gift but I’m not sure which one to choose, do you have gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers are a great way to choose that special gift whilst still allowing choice. Please contact us to purchase one.


Does the artist undertake commissions?

The artist does complete commissions, please contact us for further information.